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Q. What is a Dental Administrator?

A dental administrator is a member of a dental team that is responsible for all administration duties in a dental practice.  These administration duties include such tasks as scheduling patients, a variety of different phone conversations, financial interactions with patients and dental benefit companies, and engaging in patient interaction.  This role requires strong people and communication skills, high enthusiasm, strong organizational skills, and strong dental knowledge.  Oral Health Academy’s dental administrative program will teach you all the skills required to have a successful career as a member of any dental team. 

Q. Will I receive certification if I complete one module?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion for the module completed. 

Q. I am already in the dental field, can I take individual modules for continuing education?

YES!  You will gain excellent knowledge to advance your career in dental. These modules are designed to improve the patient experience and financial aspects in your dental practice.  You will receive a certificate of completion upon passing the modules you choose to take.  

Q. Which methods of payment are accepted to purchase my modules?

You can make online payment for your courses with VISA, MasterCard or American Express.  

Q. Will I be able to get help along the way if needed?

YESOral Health Academy strives to provide all students with available instructors when needed.  Instructors will be available via email for a response within 24 hours if students have questions or concerns.  We are here to support you in this journey!

Q. If I have no dental background, is it important for me to take the modules in order?

YES! The modules are designed to build upon each other and they will prepare you for the future information to come in the later modules.  If you have no dental background, it will prevent confusion when understanding the information in the later modules.  Oral Health Academy strongly recommends that you take the modules in order. 

Q. Can I purchase all modules at once?

YES! Add all modules to your shopping cart before checking out.  Access for all modules will show up on the "My Training" page. Email to receive a promo code for purchasing all modules in one transaction. 

Q. How long will it take me to complete each module?

Each module is designed to be completed within one month.  The key is to be committed from start to finish and dedicate the time to study.  Oral Health Academy modules are designed for people with busy lifestyles, working individuals or full time students. 

Q. What is the refund policy if I change my mind after purchasing?

Due to the nature of our online programs, all purchased modules are a final sale and no refunds will be issued once payment has been processed and access has been granted to the online student portal. Please make sure to reach out if you have any questions before confirming your purchase.

Q. I cannot add any modules to my cart? Help!

You must be enrolled in the Academy to be able to purchase your modules. This is to verify that you are infact a real human making a purchase and not an Internet robot.  Make sure you click here to set up your account and enroll in Oral Health Academy. Then once you receive and click on the verification email, you will be able to make your purchase. 

Q. How much does each module cost?

The cost of each module is $990. Completing all 5 modules earns you a certification in Dental Administration. We do not offer a payment plan because the modules can be purchases one at a time.  This allows you to be in control of your own payment plan by purchasing the modules as you go.  

If you are going to purchase all 5 modules in one transaction, please send us an email to and once your email is verified we will send you a promo code for a discount.  

Q. I did not receive my verification email. How do I sign in?

If you do not receive a verification email within one hour of enrolling and setting up your account, you need to reach out to Oral Health Academy instructors to verify your account.  Technology is great, but not perfect. Once of the instructors will manually verify you and give you full access to purchase your modules.  You can reach out via email (, on our websites contact page (HERE) or by phone at 780-904-8819.  

Q. Am I required to purchase a module to enroll in Oral Health Academy?

No purchase is necessary to enroll and become a student with Oral Health Academy. Infact, if you enroll as a student we will keep you up to date via email with great upcoming promo’s and other useful tips for dental administrators.