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What Oral Health Academy Offers

Becoming a Specialist in Dental Administration 


How Do I Enroll? 

Click the Courses link and enter all required personal information to gain access to your personalized virtual campus.  This will allow access to purchase all modules. 

How Do I Purchase My Modules? 

In Courses, you are given the option to buy each module. Click buy and a new item will appear in your shopping basket in the lower right of your screen. Check out and once payment is approved, a confirmation email will be sent and a receipt will be emailed directly to the email you provide. Once your email is confirmed, access will be granted. 

How Long Does it Take to Complete Each Module?

Oral Health Academy is designed to allow students to work at their own pace. Each module can be completed within a month and access is granted for a full year from the date of purchase.  

What Prerequisites Are Needed to Start? 

Oral Health Academy requires students to be 18+ years of age.  Students should also be fluent in English to achieve success in each module.  Students are also recommended to have basic elementary math skills such as addition and subtraction and understand the basic use of a calculator. 

How Do I Access the Modules? 

Once you have enrolled in Oral Health Academy and purchased your modules, they will show up in the My Training Page once you are logged in.  You will be able to access your modules anywhere you have Internet access.  

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